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Liao Bing and his fellows came to research
Time:2017-07-23 Views:

July 6, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Sciences Party Secretary, Dean Liao Bing, vice president Liu Min led the various departments of the authorities to the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Biological Resources Research. The party and government leaders, deputy director of the functional departments attended the research meeting.  At the meeting, the director Han Day from the Institute of the basic situation, the advantages of the field, talent, innovation, development ideas and problems and other aspects of a systematic report. Party secretary and secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Yang Jianchun, deputy director of Zou Fa, Chen Jinping, respectively, in the party building work, personnel training, system construction, teamwork and management mechanisms and other aspects of the supplementary report.  Liu Min after listening to the report that the Institute of scientific research work more distinctive. He hoped that the provincial biological resources to speed up the transformation of results, concise research direction, to strengthen postgraduate enrollment and training work.

Liao Bing pointed out in the summary, the provincial biological resources in the past two years, the development of impressive achievements in the face of scientific research units of common problems and difficulties still maintain self-confidence, should further strengthen the leadership team building, strengthen unity, in order to drive research The development of the. At the same time he asked, the Institute to optimize the scientific research management system to speed up the transformation of results; to strengthen cultural construction, cohesion development consensus; to accurately locate and develop sustainable development strategy.
 Before the survey, Liao Bing, Liu Min and his entourage also visited the provincial biological resources of the laboratory and herbarium. (Party and government office Chen Jiahuan writer)




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