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Research Center for Animal Ecology and Restoration
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Research Center for Animal Ecology and Restoration (RCAER) carries out zoology and conservation biology for wildlife animals, providing technical guidance and recommendations for animal ecology and restoration. Our center is committed to provide training course for beginners, cooperate and exchange information on the related area, promote harmony between human beings and wildlife, and to achieve sustainable development.

The main interests are as follows:
1. Ecology and conservation biology of rare and endangered animals.
2. Wild animal resource investigation and monitoring, such as the background survey in nature reserves, animal vector-borne diseases monitoring and etc.
3. Wild animal resource recovery and its protection, including wild animals breeding technologies, population rejuvenation, habitats reconstruction and etc.
4. Environmental evaluation and sustainable development design.


PI: Prof. Dr. Huijian Hu
Associate Prof. Dr. Zhifeng Ding
Tel: (86)20 84191955 Fax:(86)20 84191955
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