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Science & Technology Service Center and Research Center for Stored-product Pests
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The Science & Technology Service Center was established in 1999, by the experts, professors and professional technicians in our institute as the core resources. The center is mainly engaged in services, consultancy and exploitation of animal and insect science and technology with a broad relation to the institutions and companies of insects, animals, pesticides and pest control equipments. Since its establishment, adhering to the concept of “technology innovation, technology leadership, secure and reliable, excellent services”, the center has successfully contracted with a number of large and medium sized enterprises, factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, parks, residential quarters, libraries, archives, cargo ships, container trucks, etc. customers to provide fumigation, termite control, termite prevention, ant control, hygienic pest control, checking and maintenance of catching insect lamp for food factories, garden pest control, wood pest control, home pest control, harmful animal control, harmful plant control, sterilization, identification of animals and insects specimens, pesticides and pest control equipments sales, integrated pest management consultancy and other professional science & technology services.

Research Center for Stored-product Pests is a comprehensive research center based on the Science & Technology Service Center, which was established in 2014 to specialize in the taxonomy and identification of the stored-product pests, biology, ecology research and fumigation technology research and development, for many food processing factories, wood processing factories, books and archives, cultural relics and other departments to solve the problem of stored-product pests.

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