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Non-Human Primate Research Center
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Research field:
1. Research on Human Major Disease NHP model Preparation and Evaluation..
2. Study on Key & Common techniques development for monkey breeding.

NHP research center of Guangdong Applied Institute of Biological Resources was established in the early of 2016, continuing the work of Primate Research & Development Center of South-China Institute of endangered animals, founded in 1994. NHP Center is dedicated to Human Major Disease NHP model and monkey breeding techniques R&D. The primate animal experimental facilities (1000M2) together with the research laboratories and excellent supporting measures in animal welfare are in line with AAALAC standard.
NHP research Center was located in Sino-Singapore Knowledge Park with beautiful environment and convenient transportation condition, it takes less than 30mins to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and the downtown of Guangzhou city.
In recent years, NHP research Center have Chaired and jointly undertaken in more than 10 research funds of the State and local governments. It has got more than 10 million RMB funds from National and local governments, won 1 bronze medal of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award, obtained 13 patents authorization, and more than 30 papers, 1 books have been published.
We have established long-term cooperation relationships with many famous University & Research organization (Johns Hopkins University, Sun yat-Sen University, Pharmalegacy (Shanghai) Co., LTD, Southern Medical University etc.,) from the worldwide for NHP model research and technical services


Research Areas:
1) Metabolism Disease (e.g. diabetes, Obesity, hyperlipidemia) and its Complication
Monkey model preparation and Evaluation;
2) CNS Disease (e.g. Parkinson, Middle Cerebral Artery Occulusion, Spinal Cord
injury) monkey model preparation and Evaluation;
3) Laboratory Animal Pathogen Diagnosis and Quality Control.


Research Personnel: There are 8 staff in NHP research center,Of which, 2 professors (post doctor), 1 associate professor (Master), 1 senior engineering. and 3 experienced veterinarians.

PI: Rao Junhua, Zhang Hongtian, Zhang Wangming
Assistant Professor: Ma zhaolin, Liang Xinlin
Research Assistant: Li Bihai, Liu Yiyan
Students: Tang Mingtian
E-mail: junhuar919@163.com/Raojh@giabr.gd.cn
Address: No.105 Xingang Rd. west/ No.33 Hongwei Guanghua Rd. Luogang District, Guangzhou, P.R.C


1.Yajie Chi a,b , Bolin Wu a , Jianwei Guan a , Kuntai Xiao a , Ziming Lu a , Xiao Li a , Yuting Xu a ,Shan Xue , ? , Qiang Xu , ? , Junhua Rao ? , Yanwu Guo , ?
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2. Shu-xing Wang, Xu Zhai,Pei-jing Rong, Qiang Xu, Hong-tian Zhang, Jun-hua Rao,Auricular Concha Electroacupuncture Improves Pain Behavior in Zucker
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3. Qiang Xu, Hong-Tian Zhang, Ke Liu, Jun-Hua Rao, Xiao-Ming Liu, Li Wu ,Bai-Nan Xu, In Vitro and In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Tracking of Sinerem-Labeled Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Derived Schwann Cells,Cell Mol Neurobiol, 2010, DOI 10.1007/s10571-010-9628-3
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