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The research center of honeybee and bee products
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Research Interests: honeybee,bee products, research

The research center of honeybee and bee products were mainly engaged in bee biology, bee breeding management, bee pest control research and beekeeping technology promotion. In recent years, our center undertook all kinds of more than 20 scientific research projects, including the earmarked fund for China Agriculture Research System(CARS-44-SYZ11), National public welfare industry science and technology special sub-project“Study on the different district of stress resistance and increase production and demonstration”, Guangdong province science and technology project and Guangdong provincial agricultural hall, the provincial science and technology plan projects and provincial department of agriculture technology extension project, etc., We have obtained 4 scientific and technological achievements and 7 patent applications. we has published more than 100 papers in academic journals, academic conferences and popular science publications.
In the field of bee products, we have made great efforts to study on honey processing technology and quality control. The concentrated production line of honey developed that was widely welcomed by the many enterprises for its low energy consumption and good processing effect. The honey rapid synthetic test reagent "a drop of spirit" has been used in hundreds of the company throughout the country. At present, Our center is the bee industry technology innovation alliance affiliated units in Guangdong province, plays a crucial role in the whole province of bee industry chain, and assist Jiaoling county established “the Bee reserve" and made in National Geographic Mark of Gui Ling apiculture.
Apiculture is a good project of mountain farmers out of poverty, our team assisted the department of Guangdong province for many years, the provincial association for science and technology, provincial academy of sciences, provincial communications department, department of beekeeping poverty alleviation work, has made significant achievement. The beekeepers efficient feed for bee health by training and safety production technology, so that a large number of farmers were out of poverty, was awarded the national "bee health and training base" by Apicultural Science Association of China, the social benefit is remarkable.
In addition, our center has set up emergency team, handling emergencies such as bee poisoning, unexplained death, release site disputes, better service for our province apiculture, down to earth's service in the whole industry.

Research fellows:
PI: Dr.Zhao Hongxia
Assistant Professor: Huang Wenzhong, Zhang Xuefeng
Research Assistant: Wang Huatang, Xia Xiaoshan

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