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Research center for termite sociobiology and pest control
Time:2017-10-20 Views:

The research center concentrates on biology of termites. Using the black-winged subterranean termite, Odontotermesformosanus (Shiraki), and Formosan subterranean termite, CoptotermesformosanusShiraki, as model organisms, we investigate their caste differentiation, behavioral ecology and behavioral physiology, especially the molecular mechanisms therein. Our long-term goal is to develop the key technologies and methods for preventingand controlling termite infestations and utilization of termite resources. Our current projects include termite biodiversity, termite resource assessment, taxonomic revision of Rhinotermitidae and development of environmentally-friendly bait for termites and cockroaches.

Research Interests: Termite biology and Pest management
Tel: +86-20-86183617
E-mail: lizq@giabr.gd.cn
Address:No. 105 Xingang Road West, Guangzhou 510260, China

Research Areas:
1. Termite sociality: Termite behaviour,population genetics, caste differentiation and physiological ecology.
2. Termite utilization: Termite systematics, resource assessments, exploitation and utilization.
3. Pest control: Baiting systems for control of termites and cockroaches.

Research Personnel:
PI: Prof. Dr. Zhi-Qiang LI
Assistant Professor: Yun-Ling KE (Dr.), He DU (Dr.), Tian-Hong ZHUANG
Research Assistant: Shi-Jun ZHANG, Wen-Jing WU, Chun-Xiao WANG
Students:Xiao-Lin LIU, Dai-Fei GU, Ya-Hui HOU, Jun-Qiang JIA, Huan-Huan ZHANG, Si-Jia WU

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