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Research group: Avian ecology and evolution
Time:2017-10-20 Views:

Research interests: The research interests encompass bird community ecology, population genetics, and bird diversity conservation by field survey and molecular technique, mainly includes:
(1) Forest bird community assembly and succession, especially want to explain what factor driver forest bird community assembly. We are interested in using mixed-species flocks as model system very much. We have surveyed forest bird community and collected samples of bird species richness and abundance, louse samples, malaria samples, in South China including Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Jianxi, Hunan, Yunnan etc.These studies will benefit forest biodiversity conservation.
(2) Mangrove and coastal wetland avian diversity, particular focus on bird migratory dynamic and response to climate changes and rare species conservation.
(3) Molecular phylogeny and population genetics of passerine, particularly focus on babbler species. We have sequenced many species, such as Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush (Garrulaxmonileger), Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush (Garrulaxpectoralis), Black-throated Laughingthrush (Garrulaxchinensis), Grey-cheeked Fulvetta (Alcippemorrisonia), Red-flanked Bush Robin (Tarsigercyanurus).

E-mail: zoufs@giabr.gd.cn
Address: 105 Xingang West Road, Guangzhou 510260, China.

Research People:
Principal Investigator: Fasheng Zou
Associate Professor: Qiang Zhang:
Assistant Professor: Min Zhang, Xueli Lu
Research Assistant: Xincai Wang, Xingzhi Chu
Postdoctor: Qing Quan, Xuebing Zhao
Present students:
PhD candidate: XianliChe
Master candidate: Wangming Li, Quanwen Zhang, DaojianChen (co-superviser with Professor TailinYu), JiamiXie (co-superviser with Professor YouguiPeng), Kaixing Chen,Xuan Tang (co-superviser with Professor Yi Wu).


Laboratory Alumni
Hui Li, Qiang Zhang (associate professor in Guangdong Institute of Applied Biological Resources), Junhui Huang, Hongmin Fan, Site Luo (PhD candidate in Xiamen Univeristy, co-superviser with Professor Qing Chang), Sihai Yan (co-superviser with Professor Zhengwang Zhang), Jianyun Gao (Research Assistant in KunmingInstitute of Zoology, CAS, co-superviser with Professor Zhaolu Wu), Dongdong Su (Research Assistant in Guangdong Institute of Applied Biological Resources, co-superviser with Professor Zhaolu Wu),Yanhua Zhang (PhD candidate in Sun Yet-sen University), Zhanghai Xi (co-superviser with Professor Dongmei Wan).


Achievement Awards
1.The third prize of progress of science and technology of Guangdong province as the fouth accomplisher for “Artificial Breeding of Silver Pheasant” in 1997.
2.The third prize of progress of science and technology of Guangdong province as the first accomplisher for “Wetland Resource Survey and Study of Hainan Island” in 2006.
3.The two prize of progress of science and technology of Guangdong province as the first accomplisher for “Biological Study and Application on the Wild Terrestrial Vertebrate of Guandong” in 2016.


1.One method on artificial rearingof Spinosa(Rana spinosa)tadpole (201010505305.X).
2.One method on breeding of Siberian Tree Frog (Rana amurensis) in North Guangdong (200810027085.7).
3.One method on young frog artificial rearing of Siberian Tree Frog (Rana amurensis) in North Guangdong (200910193320.2).


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