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South China Wildlife Identification Center
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Research field: Wildlife Identification and Protection
Tel: 020-34454207; 020-34454208
E-mail: scwic@qq.com
Address: 105 Xingang Road W., Guangzhou 510260, Guangdong, China


South China Wildlife Identification Center (SCWIC) was established in 2006. It is affiliated to Guangdong Institute of Applied Biological Resources (GIABR). SCWIC provides high-quality species identification services using advanced scientific methods of morphological taxonomy, molecular biology and DNA Barcoding. As a government-authorized inspection agency, SCWIC identifies various kinds of wildlife and related products for Customs, Forest Police, Inspection, Court, Forestry Bureau, Nature Reserves, and so on.
In addition to specie identification, SCWIC also provides other types of services including specimen storage, science education, and germplasm resource bank construction. Overall, SCWIC is a center for species identification and wildlife protection, an important source of germplasm resources and animal specimens for other research institutions, and a science education foundation that holds wildlife exhibition for students.
Research Areas: Species Identification; Phylogenetic Analysis

Research Personnel:
PI: Yang Jianchun
Assistant Professor: Hu Shijia; Guo Fengjuan; Su Dongdong; Jin Xiangxiang
Research Assistant: Li Yongshi
Students: None

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