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Specimen Museum
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Research field: Collection of vertebrates and insect specimens as well as scientific education.
Tel: 020-84183744、13622231028
E-mail: ljx196208@126.com
Address: No.105 West Xingang Road, Guangzhou,Guangdong


Specimen Museum
The area covers 3000 square meters, collecting 17,000 vertebrate specimens (including animals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, etc.) and 160,000 insect specimens. It is the largest specimen museum of South China.
In the museum, the exhibition hall area covers 780 square meters. The exhibition hall is categorized into five themes, including Animals World, Insects World, the Forest Animals, Costal Wetlands and Multimedia Exhibition Halls.
The Museum regularly organizes small-scale exhibitions, such as Butterfly Exhibitions, Environment Protection Exhibitions and etc. We continuously carry out activities to popularize scientific knowledge in schools and communities to advocate protection of ecological environment. The specimen museum aims to disseminate the scientific knowledge of animals and insects.

Research Areas:
(1)Collection, conservation, evaluation and utilization of germplasm resource for wild animals (insects);
(2)Exhibition Hall serves as a platform of science education.

Research Personnel:
Curator: Li, Jianxiong (Researcher )
PI: Li, Jianxiong (Curator, Researcher), Yang, Ping (Senior engineer), Liu, Hui ( Research assistant)
Assistant Professor: Yang Ping
Research Assistant: Liu Hui

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